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Cerberus Boise,ID March 23-25

Join us for this one of a kind class! Three skill sets coming together to open your mind to different concepts including situational awareness, fundamental edged weapons training, and trauma medicine. Come learn from Ryan's experience working around the world along with @asdconcepts experience with multiple styles of edged weapons training combined with hemorrhage control Day 1 Friday:

>waivers and info dump

Day 2 Saturday, Sunday :

  • cover all aspects of advanced work in an array of venues, and cover personal security exceptions within teams and single agent protection details.
  •   Students will be exposed to non-permissive environment protocols, common event screening methods with up close look at how security companies search the public.

Modern knife techniques, targeting and design will be covered in details.

>Along with basic hemorrhage control and improvised interventions.


  • non-permissive environment protocols
  • common event screening methods with a up close look at how security companies search the public and the flaws that exist today
  • anti-abduction techniques with tools and restraints available to everyone
  • introduction to edged weapon design and targeting on soft tissue with @asdconcepts !!
  • situational awareness and deconstructing environments
  • digital advances
  • basic hemorrhage control
  • chest seals, wound burping,

The goal of the course is to expose students to topics that are common but not commonly discussed.

Cerberus Boise,ID March 23-25

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