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About Grizzly Medical

I first started this program 10 years ago while in Iraq when 2 of our medics were injured and we still had to continue missions. Our command decided to have our soldiers maintain the checkpoint without a medic due to our continuous patrols throughout the city. My worst fear was one of my soldiers would be injured and I wouldn’t get there in time. When I got a chance, I trained everyone as much as I could. After the command heard of this our platoon was put in charge of a joint training mission to train Iraqi and Kurdish medic. Once I got back to the US I was training soldiers before they deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. After I left the military, I went overseas as an Instructor teaching private military contractors in weapons handling and teaching trauma medicine. I also designed their mass casualty reaction plan and set up their combat lifesaver bags. After I finished my contract, I attend Sac State for their EMT program than attended CRI's Counter-Terrorism Instructors Course. There I met a survivor of the biggest mass shooting in US history and taught him my program. He told me my program would save a lot of lives it inspired me to start my company and bring evidence-based medicine to the civilian world. Since then I’ve taught at counter-terrorism schools, police departments as well as civilian security teams as well as church security teams.

Our Courses Cater To Our Clients 

All The Information Is the Same But Level Of Intensity Varies

Civilian Course Will Be Appropriate For All Ages

Mil/Leo Course Are Designed To Be Extremely Stressful Due To The Natural Of Work Be Advised

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